5-course virtual training covering essential topics for success. 


The Business Management Resource Package will provide a virtual setting for training and equipping you to take your business to the next level. The 5-course session will include research and vital information on marketing, communication, product variations, audience engagement, and business management. With over 3 hours of content, this package will give an extensive overview on the basics of foundational concepts for any business or project. The goal by the end of each session is to provide you with the tools and knowledge on how to increase productivity and efficiency to increase sales, consumer engagement, and owner satisfaction. 


5 Online Courses Include: 

- Marketing 

- Communications 

- Product Variations 

- Audience Engagement 

- Business Management 


3+ hours of virtual content designed for you to pioneer through at a self-driven pace. 


Each package receives a 1:1 consultation with our consulting staff. 


After the purchase of your package, you will receive an introductory email with information on how to access your virtual courses.

Business Development Resource Package

  • Upon purchasing, each person will receive an introductory email regarding how to access their virtual courses and book their 1:1 consultation with Alexus Scott. Please contact Alexus Scott directly at management@bridgeandgrace.com if you have additional questions or concerns. 


    All purchases of virtual content is final.